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    Final Report:                                                                                                                   Method: RT-PCR/TRUENAT




COVID 19 RdRp gene and/or N gene target RNA detected in the presence or absence of E gene.


COVID 19 RdRp gene, COVID 19 E gene and COVID 19 N gene target RNA not detected.


This could be due to low viral load in the sample. A repeat sample is recommended for Confirmation.









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1. SARS-COV2 testing is done on commercial ICMR approved RT- PCR kit/ US FDA/ EU CE IVD approved kits. The test result

pertains to the sample received.

2. All Results are released with a valid internal and positive control.

3. Negative result does not rule out the possibility of Covid-19 infection.

4. Repeat sampling and testing of lower respiratory specimen is strongly recommended in severe/ progressive lung disease.

Consider repeat test after a gap of 2-4 days after the collection of first sample.

5. Positive test result is only tentative. Detection of the analyte target does not indicate that the viruses are infectious.

6. False negative results may be attributed to improper sample collection, improper transport and treatment. Presence of

inhibitors, mutations & insufficient RNA specific to SARS-CoV-2 can influence the test result.

7. As per ICMR guidelines, the contact and test details of all patients undergoing COVID - 19 testing need to be uploaded on

the ICMR reporting portal and the same will be accessed by stakeholders including IDSP, MoHFW for timely initiation of

contact tracing and appropriate control measures.

8. Test done at Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory The Oxford Medical Colleg,Hospital  and Research Centre,ICMR ID-MBTOMCHRBK.